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Start your journey now and allow me to guide you safely into the wonderful healing world of PILATES.

Through a combination of PILATES, STRETCHING and MASSAGE i can help to keep you moving with ease, feel stronger, stand taller, relax and feel more energised with my personalised program for the pregnant woman

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If you are looking for a safe form of exercise during your pregnancy, then look no further. Pilates is a safe and excellent form of exercise to help you to strengthen your core and your pelvic floor muscles, as well as bringing awareness to these important muscles, prepare for your birth and your new life as a mum.

  •  Would you like to workout safely throughout your pregnancy but at the same time get a decent workout?

  •  I bet you would just LOVE to ease out those niggly pregnancy aches and pains?

Through regular sessions with me, you will:

  •  stronger in your pelvic floor and core muscles.

  •  have exercises modified for you to how you are feeling on the day or for any injuries and conditions that might pop up.

  •  relieve your pregnancy aches and pains through hands on pilates, gentle stretching and massage - Yes please i hear you shout!!!

  •  feel great relief through your tight spots in your back and hips.

In my one-to-one pregnancy pilates program, each class will be adapted to how you are feeling on the day, and you will workout safely through your trimesters with an amazing combination of pilates, massage, reflexology and stretching helping you to cope with the demands of growing a little baby, and help you strengthen your body in preparation for the demands of being a new mum.

I can also support you through your journey with massage and reflexology sessions at Feel Good Balham if you after a relaxing treatment.

You can start your pilates journey after your 12 week scan or when your midwife gives you the thumbs up.

pelvic floor and core

Learn how to engage your pelvic floor muscles and your core muscles in preparation for your pelvic floor to be used as a trampoline, for birth and into your postnatal period.


Gain strength through your hips and legs, as well as through your back and arms to help support you through your pregnancy and beyond helping you to deal with the demands of motherhood.


Get those feel good hormones running through your body to help you to feel energised throughout your days. 


Release out those tight hips, low back and shoulders through some awesome pregnancy safe stretches and massage.


Interested in 1:1 Pilates? Fill in my quick form to book in your FREE 1:1 taster session, so we can talk through your needs and goals, show you exercises and stretches to target your area's of concern, and then we can discuss how i can help and support you going forwards.

Lets start your journey right now, fill in the form, and i will get back to as soon as i can.

I only have limited amount of taster sessions each month, so get in touch now.

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