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Pre & Postnatal

Pilates & Massage

"...Suzie is very patient & gentle and working with her I’ve learnt a lot about strengthening my core & the basis of Pilates which I didn’t for many years ! She’s got a golden touch and her massages are amazing too..."  Noopur


Helping mum's to-be and all mums to feel stronger and more confident in their body's through both pilates and massage therapy.

I have helped many mums heal their their diastasis recti and improve their core strength, strenghten their pelvic floors to help with incontinence and prolaspe symptoms, and helping to improve their posture and reducing their daily aches and pains through a combination of pilates, massage and advanced stretching.


Prenatal and Postnatal
INTRO 3 for 2 Pilates Deal

Take your first steps by booking in a free pilates consultation.

Mother and Baby

Postnatal Pilates

Whether you have just had a baby, your kids are at school, or they have flown the nest, it is never too late to invest in yourself.

Is postnatal pilates right for me?

  • can't find your tummy muscles since having kids

  • leak a little when you laugh

  • have to cross your legs when you sneeze or cough

  • achey shoulders from feeding and carry your baby

  • would love to get up and down off the floor without feel old and stiff

  • want to get back into running or other forms of exercise but you don't know where to start

If any of those sound familiar, then my postnatal wellness course is for you. 

Through weekly sessions, you will learn some awesome exercises to both release and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, gain strength all over- especially in your core, helping to heal diastasis recti, reduce and ease out back tension, and you will gain more energy and confidence in your body. I will you guide you through self massage techniques, as well as stretching exercises to help you to heal and recover post birth - perfect for all mums, but especially for those who birthed via c-section, healing a diastasis recti, or for those with pelvic health dysfunction.

You can view what is included in your course and the course costs HERE

Pregnancy Pilates

Firstly, congratulations!! 

Keeping active during your pregnancy is key in helping your body to recover faster as you head into your 4th trimester after the birth of your baby.

Through weekly sessions, we work at a pace that is suitable to you and i will guide you through safe and effective exercises that are suitable for you and your body. 

Within your sessions, we strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles, as these are put under strain from your growing baby. We also strengthen your body as a whole, but especially your back, shoulders and arms, this is so you can feel strong and supported when you feed, carry and comfort your baby. We strengthen the lower body too, as we all need strong hips and legs to move, walk and stand.

My pregnancy pilates classes are taken on a private 1:1 basis. If you have a friend you would like work out with, then that is fine too, and you can split the cost.

You can view what is included in your course and the course costs HERE

Back Massage

Postnatal Recovery Massage

My postnatal recovery massage is for any mum who needs a little extra attention to help rehab their core muscles and pelvic floors after having their baby's.

If you have:

  • achey shoulders from feeding your baby

  • feel tired and fatigued

  • numbness, tightness or pulling in your c-section scar

  • tummy gap

  • pelvic floor dysfunction

As well as easing out back, shoulder and neck tension, we also include targeted and gentle abdominal release work, help with breathing and improve postural issues relating to pregancy within your postnatal recovery massage.


*This massage is excellent to recieve if you are currently rehabbing your pelvic floor and core with myself, your personal trainer or pelvic health physio.

Book session HERE

Female Abdominal Scar Release

This will be a wonderful addition in helping women who have had abdominal surgery. 

  • pulling sensation?

  • tightness on or around your scar?

  • difficulty engaging your core?

  • referred pain?

  • perhaps you have back ache that won't go away since your surgery?

  • desensitisation on or around your scar?

This is wonderful massage to receive if you have had a c-section, hysterctomy, gallbladder removal, tummy tuck or hernia repair.

Book your session in HERE

Massage Therapy

Anna Glen

"I’ve been taking 1:1 Pilates classes with Suzie for a couple of months. I was nervous about starting exercise again after giving birth 6 months ago but she is a really patient and gentle teacher who tailors each class to my needs. I’ve really started to notice an improvement in my core strength as well as a reduction in my shoulder/neck stiffness. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Suzie if you’re thinking about giving Pilates a go, you won’t regret it!"
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