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Postnatal Pilates & Massage

"...I have had noticeable results after just a few sessions with Suzie with no flare ups of my shoulder when carrying my baby, visibly reduced tummy, more energy, and motivation..." Izabela

Where ever you are in your postnatal journey - whether you have recently had a baby, your kids are at primary school or even out working for themselves- it is NEVER too late to take charge and reconnect to your body and your mind again. 


Start your journey now and allow me to guide you in feeling stronger and more mobile through pilates based exercises, hands on postnatal massage and scar tissue massage, as well as guided and hands on advanced stretches to help release areas of tension thus allowing you to heal and reconnect faster postnatally.


I promise you are not alone and i am here to help. So take time out of your day each week just for you because you deserve it.


If you find yourself thinking...

- I wish i could run around with my kids and jump on the trampoline with out fear of having an "accident".

- I am fed up of looking after everyone else and not having time for myself.

- I really want to get back to running after having my baby, but i don't know where to start.

- I feel frustrated with my lower back ache and tight shoulders- i wish i could pick my child up without feeling all tight and tense.

... then my postnatal wellness course is for you

FREE 30 Minute Pilates Consultation

If you are keen to know more about how my 12 week SKB Core Restore course will help you, then book in your free 30 minute consultation. We can have a friendly chat about your needs and goals, I can assess your tummy as well as any postural issues, then we can discuss how i can help you going forwards with my personalised 12 week plan. 

Postnatal Wellness 12 Week Course

"...Suzie's sessions and varied techniques really helped me to improve my tummy gap and gain strength around that area. 1.5yrs later i not only do pilates for my tummy but because i feel great afterwards too..." Shevon

We start by building a strong foundation and work at building strength from the inside out. We initially concentrate on breathing, on finding and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which are weakened by pregnancy and birth, retrain and strengthen your tummy muscles, as well a strengthening and releasing the body as a whole. Its important to release tight muscles before we go ahead and strengthen them and that is why massage is introduced first in your 12 week course. Through a combination of pilates exercises, massage and stretching, you will feel less tension in your shoulders and back, your posture will improve, you will feel more mobile and move more with ease bringing balance to both your body and your mind. As you start to feel stronger, weights and other small equipment can be added to challenge the pelvic floor and core muscles and increase strength and mobility through the body.

Lets get you back to where YOU want to be!!

Massage really is the missing link in postnatal recovery, and that is why my 12 week postnatal course is a must for any mum. Adding massage into your 12 week course will enable you to really connect your breathe to your pelvic floor and core, which is the very foundations of pilates. Releasing key hotspots around the body can help you to not only ease out your tight shoulders, lower back and postural issues, but it can also help you to heal your diastasis recti (tummy gap), as well helping you to find a better pelvic floor contraction.

Baby Yoga

What is included?

You will recieve:

  • Two 90 minute sessions for your initial two sessions

  • Ten 60 minute sessions there after

  • Discount on further massage therapy sessions whilst on your course

  • Each session will include pilates, stretching, mobilising and massage

  • Personalised plan - we look at your individual needs and goals

  • Access to a members areas with on demand videos 

  • Free consultation and support and guidance throughout your course

  • Free pilates ball and long resistance band so you can continue your recovery exercises between sessions

    Course Cost

    $ 1,230 for your 12 week course all inclusive.

    Payment plans are available at $410 per month DD over a 3 month period starting on the day of your first session.

    Home visits are very limited and are only open to those who live within a walking distance from Amber Place.

    An added $30 surcharge will be added to each home visit session for pilates. 


      Postnatal Recovery Massage


      If you are already participating in postnatal exercise in the area, seeing a women's health physic, why not book your postnatal recovery massage in so you can achieve your fitness goals faster?

      Did you know, that receiving postnatal specific massage could help improve your pelvic floor and core function? YES!! How amazing is that?


      Perfect for all mums, but especially those who are rehabbing their tummy gap, feel numbness, tightness or a pulling from their c-section scar or those with pelvic floor disfunction. We would work together to release restrictions on your abdomen, release the diaphragm and other muscles associated with breathing to get you breathing better, which in turn will enable you to engage and lift your pelvic floor and engage your transverse abs (your corset muscle that wraps around mid section) so can perform a stronger muscular engagement. We also look at posture, so you can ease away your achey lower back, hips, shoulders and neck, as well as any other niggly areas.

      Allow me to help you feel more confident, energised, calmer, less stiff, so you can get back to doing your activities you love.

      I use a variety of massage techniques, using my hands and forearms, stretches, as well as using small massage equipment such as soft cupping, trigger point balls and an IAM tool. All of which are extremely effective to use to help relieve areas of tension, restrictions and knots. I will give you advice and homework too, if i feel it is needed.

      Sessions last for 90 or 120 minutes to allow us to really work together, so you can get the most of of your treatment.

      Please note: This isn't a relaxation massage, as i will require a lot of feed back as we go through your massage session. 

        Anna Glen

        I’ve been taking 1:1 Pilates classes with Suzie for a couple of months. I was nervous about starting exercise again after giving birth 6 months ago but she is a really patient and gentle teacher who tailors each class to my needs. I’ve really started to notice an improvement in my core strength as well as a reduction in my shoulder/neck stiffness. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Suzie if you’re thinking about giving Pilates a go, you won’t regret it!

        Li-An Brown

        I highly recommend Suzie's 1 to 1 pilates sessions. After just a few postnatal sessions I can really feel an improvement in my core strength and a lot less back pain. Each session is enjoyable but challenging and at the end I feel two inches taller! It makes such a difference having the attention to detail from a 1 to 1 lesson and it is so good to have one hour a week to focus on something just for me.

        Noopur Banjeri

        Let me start by saying Suzie is amazing !! I usually don’t leave many reviews but I had to here. I’ve been taking 1-1 Pilates lessons with Suzie for about 3 years now & I’m a different person after these years. I’ve had back problems for many years now and it just got worst after my 2 pregnancies. I just got used to living with back pain. I tried many different classes, therapists in all this. She’s very knowledgeable , thorough and tailors each session as per my needs. She makes as effort every single week making pre session notes to make sessions productive. Even after 3 years I’m not bored in any session ! She’s professional & super punctual. Suzie is very patient & gentle. She’s got a golden touch and her massages are amazing too. I can’t recommend her enough!! Suzie, see you next week!
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