No matter how old your kids are, i can help you through pilates and massage


Where ever you are in your postnatal journey - whether you have recently had a baby, your kids are at primary school or even out working for themselves- it is NEVER too late to take charge and reconnect to your body and your mind again. You deserve it!

​Start your journey now and allow me to guide you in feeling stronger and more mobile through pilates based exercises, hands on postnatal massage and scar tissue massage, as well as guided and hands on advanced stretches to help release areas of tension thus allowing you to heal and reconnect to your pelvic floor and tummy muscles faster postnatally.

I promise you are not alone and i am here to help. So take time out of your day each week just for you because you deserve it.



My courses work at building strength from the inside out. We concentrate on breathing, on finding and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which are weakened by pregnancy and birth, retrain and strengthen your tummy muscles, as well a strengthening the body as a whole. Through a combination of pilates exercises, massage and stretching, you will feel less tension in your shoulders and back, your posture will improve, you will feel more mobile and move more with ease bringing balance to both your body and your mind. As you start to feel stronger, weights and other small equipment can be added to challenge the pelvic floor and core muscles and increase strength and mobility through the body.

Lets get you back to where YOU want to be!!


My Core Rehab 12 week course fuses together pilates based exercises with release and stretch exercises and hands on massage therapy. Massage really is the KEY in recovering postnatally. Its important to release tight muscles before we go ahead and strengthen them.

We start with the foundations helping you to strengthen from the inside out before we start to progress and add load. We address any postural issues and breathing and get you connecting your core to your breathe which is important in postnatal recovery.

What is included?

  • 12 one hour pilates sessions at your home

  • Each session will include pilates, stretching, mobilising and massage

  • Personalised plan - we look at your individual needs and goals

  • Access to a members areas with on demand videos 

  • Free consultation

  • Free pilates ball and long resistance band so you can continue your rehab between sessions

Course payment options given


Once you have completed my Core Rehab course and you are feeling stronger all over, then you are ready to take it to the next level. 

This is where we start to challenge you further. We start to progress you onto the more challenging exercises and start to add small equipment into your tailored plan to strengthen you further.

Whatever your goals are, this is the follow on course for you. Whether you want to get back to running again, maybe head back to the gym or perhaps it is simply just being able to enjoy running around with your kids at the park.

What is included?

  • Weekly one hour pilates sessions at your home

  • Each session will include pilates, stretching, mobilising and massage

  • Personalised plan - we look at your individual needs and goals

  • Access to a members areas with on demand videos 

  • Free consultation

  • Free pilates ball and long resistance band so you can continue your pilates practise between sessions

Course payment options given. Course packs of 6 or 12 sessions.



All my postnatal massages are bespoke and personalised using a variety of advanced massage techniques, stretches and myofascial release stemming from 18 years experience.

My core rehab massage and my c-section scar release massage is a MUST for every mum. Adding in these massages before you start any postnatal rehab exercise program will help you to heal and recover faster, it will help ease your aches and pains and relieve your stiff back so you can get deal with the demands of being a mum with energy and less pain.

All massages are taken at Feel Good Balham in Balham. 

If you would like to have a chat to see how i can help, then get in touch and send me a message. 


Perfect for all mums who are rehabbing their pelvic floor and tummy muscles. We ease out tension through the back, ribcage and diaphragm to get you breathing properly again, we release tension and stiffness in your low back, shoulders and chest to help with posture and we work at mobilising and releasing areas of stuckness on the abdomen. 

90 mins- 2 hr sessions

Courses available


Help to reduce numbness, tingling and tightness on and around your scar. We ease out tension and stiffness through your back, abdomen and hips allowing you to heal, restore movement, helping you to take a fuller breathe and improving your core (includes your pelvic floor) function. This is a MUST have massage therapy for any mums who had a c-section birth.

90mins - 2 hrs sessions

Courses available


Just want a relaxing massage? Then this one is for you. Long, slow deep strokes are applied to help you to relax, de stress and ease out areas of tension.

60min - 2hr session

Courses available

Shevon, Furzedown

"What can i say! Suzie is an amazing pilates teacher who is patient, a natural teacher and her voice immediately helps you to relax. After having 2 children, i was left with a tummy gap, this effected the way i lifted things and impacted me on a daily basis. Suzie's sessions and varied techniques really helped me to improve my tummy gap and gain strength around that area. 1.5yrs later i not only do pilates for my tummy but because i feel great afterwards too."

Anna, Tooting

​I’ve been taking 1:1 Pilates classes with Suzie for a couple of months. I was nervous about starting exercise again after giving birth 6 months ago but she is a really patient and gentle teacher who tailors each class to my needs. I’ve really started to notice an improvement in my core strength as well as a reduction in my shoulder/neck stiffness. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Suzie if you’re thinking about giving Pilates a go, you won’t regret it!

Izabela, Putney

Suzie knows her stuff, making sure the exercises are done correctly and she pays  great attention to my post pregnancy body problems such as diastasis. I have had noticeable results after sessions with Suzie with no flare ups of my shoulder when carrying my baby, visibly reduced tummy, more energy, and motivation. Each session leaves me feeling both like i have worked hard but also relaxed. A bit of luxury at the end with tailored massage of a tricky part of the body's such a great combination, leaving me feeling good about myself.

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Email: suzannah@skbodyworkspilates.com

Message me at: 07791767163

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