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Offering pilates classes and massage therapy to all women living in and around the Waimauku area. ​Start your journey today with SK Bodyworks, so you can reduce your aches, pains and stiffness, feel stronger and have more energy, so you can walk, stand and jump feeling totally awesome.​​

How Can I Help?

I am so pleased to see you have taken the first steps on taking time out for yourself so you can move and feel better in both your body and your mind. 


Let's start your journey today and book in your pilates 1:1 intro deal, join one of my group pilates classes, or book a massage therapy appointment, and allow me to help you to ease your aches and pains, reduce your stiffness and feel stronger. 

Offering massage services in Waimauku from my home treatment room. Ease out your achey shoulders, tight legs or just relax- i have you covered.

Book your massage HERE

Offering private pilates classes for all ages and abilities. Allow me to help you to reach your goals, rehab from an injury and improve both your body and your mind through personilised pilates.

Bringing small group pilates classes to Waimauku, helping the local community to feel stronger, ease out stiffness and move more with ease

Supporting women through all stages of life, from pregnancy and beyond. I specialise in postnatal wellness, infusing pilates based exercise, stretches and massages to help heal and restore the postpartum body.

Female abdominal scar massage is a gentle massage helping to soften and reduce scar tissue, eliminate adhesions and ease out tension through the body. 

Suitable for c-section scars, hysterectomy, appendix and gallbladder scars, hernia repair, mole removals and tummy tucks.

Li-An Brown

“I highly recommend Suzie's 1 to 1 pilates sessions. After just a few postnatal sessions I can really feel an improvement in my core strength and a lot less back pain. Each session is enjoyable but challenging and at the end I feel two inches taller! It makes such a difference having the attention to detail from a 1 to 1 lesson and it is so good to have one hour a week to focus on something just for me."

Hello, my name is Suzie and i am the founder of SK Bodyworks

Recently emigrated to NZ in 2022 from the UK with my family, we decided to settle right here in Waimauku.

I am so pleased to being offering my lovely neighbours and those local to Waimauku, massage therapy appointments as well as private and group pilates classes. 

I LOVE working with women just like you. Life can be a real juggle and we often put ourselves last and others first. It is time to change that and put you first for a change. 


Being a busy working mum, i can understand the demands of what life throws at you on a daily basis and this is why i want you to be able to take time out of your day or your week just for you. Whether that be a massage, a walk, some exercise or perhaps some meditation. 


I love my work and i love even more when i see my awesome clients going from strength to strength, feeling more energised, more confident, getting back to running, jumping around with their kids or grandkids, and i feel so happy when they mention that their sessions with me are the highlight of their week. LOVE IT!!


This is why i do what i do. 


I believe the combination of Pilates along with Massage therapy and stretching is the key to feeling totally awesome. So get in touch so you too can feel totally awesome!! Woo hoo!!


Let’s chat and see how i can help. 

I would love to meet you, so go ahead and book yourself in for a massage or a pilates session and i shall see you very soon.

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