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Private 1:1 Pilates

"...Suzie is very patient & gentle and working with her I’ve learnt a lot about strengthening my core & the basic's of Pilates which I didn’t for many years ! She’s got a golden touch and her massages are amazing too. I can’t recommend her enough..." Noopur

Your private 1:1 pilates classes will be held at my private home studio space in Waimauku.

Classes are mat based with the use of small equipment, such as long reistance bands, balls, weights, pads, pilates ring, to name just a few. Your sessions are personalised just for you, your needs and your goals and we will work together to help you achieve these goals. Each session will last for approx 60 mins, and they will include 45mins of pilates and 15 mins of advanced stretching and massage therapy.

I offer pilates to all levels and abilities and i specialise in postnatal pilates helping mums, no matter how old their kids are, to feel more confident and strong in their body.

If you would LOVE to feel stronger all over, especially in your tummy muscles, ease your lower back ache, improve your posture and help with back tension, or if you are rehabbing an injury and you have been told to do pilates, then get in touch for chat and see if we can work to together in getting you back to where you want to be.


If you find yourself thinking...

egh... my posture sucks and my shoulders and neck ache all the time from sitting at my computer

- I would love to get back into running again but i just don't feel strong enough

- I wish i could wake up and not feel so bloody stiff every morning!

- I would love to start pilates but i don't fancy a group class because i feel a little self conscious and worried i can't do the exercises

- i would just love to have an hour each week just for me

... then my 1:1 pilates is definitely for you!

Book your FREE 30 minute consultation today.
During your consultation, we will chat about your needs and goals and 
discuss how i can help you going forwards. 

I believe that having a tailored program set out specifically for you and your needs, is paramount for you to reach your goals and needs. 

I LOVE to use massage, as well as hands on advanced stretching within your pilates sessions to really maximise each session, helping you to walk out of each of your sessions with me feeling taller, less stiff and achey, calmer, more flexible and energised.

Adding hands on massage into my private sessions, i believe, really is the missing ingredient, and all my clients absolutely adore it. Often mentioned as the best part!!

Life changes and it has many ups and downs, and each week is different form the next. Your private 1:1's can be adapted on the day should you perhaps need more massage for an achy back, you didn't sleep well or you are lacking on energy - that is the beauty of privates -  we adapt to your needs on the day.

My aim is to help all my lovely clients to feel stronger and more confident within their body, help them to reach their goals or work with them to help improve their quality of life.

If you are curious about how my private pilates sessions can help you, why not take those first steps and send me message. We can then book in a time for a 30 minute consultation either in person or online.


What is included?

  • Weekly 60 or 90 minute sessions - 90 minutes is perfect if you would like extra massage in your sessions

  • Include pilates based exercise, massage and stretching

  • A personalised plan to meet your goals and needs

  • Support and guidance throughout 

  • Discount on massage sessions

  • Access to on demand pilates workouts

  • Free resistance band and ball

Course Options

Courses run in packs of 6 or 12

For 60 minute weekly sessions:

Course of 6 sessions $570

Course of 12 sessions $1140 - payment plan available in 3 monthly DD instalments

For 90 minute weekly sessions:

Course of 6 sessions $840

Course of 12 sessions $1680 - payment plan available in 3 monthly DD instalments

Malin Rosenquist

Effective, knowledgable and friendly. Suzie from SK Bodyworks does wonders through a combination of massage and Pilates. She is focussed on concrete health results and after one to one sessions my back problems have significantly improved.

Phoebe Lewis

Suzannah's sessions were fantastic, I worked for a long time to get stronger and more confident in pilates and all of her teaching was always caring and varied and I would definitely recommend.

Harriet Payter

Susie is a brilliant pilates teacher - so knowledgable and patient. Her sessions are always varied and she has helped me stay strong for running and team sports. Highly, highly recommend!

Emma Brunton

Wonderful classes with well rounded and thorough teaching. Enjoyable and inspirational, which is exactly what you hope for in a great class. Looking forward to the next one.

Julia Jossa

I can not recommend Suzie at SK Bodyworks more highly. I have been attending her Pilates classes for over a year and they are a highlight of the week. Suzie is extremely attentive (and super patient!) and the best teacher.

Petra Reiterer

I have recently taken up Pilates with the brilliant Suzannah and am really enjoying it. I used to go to yoga once a week before the lock-down but wanted to try something new now. Suzannah is so knowledgeable and tailored the exercises to suit my beginners level.

I would highly recommend for anyone who is interested in tipping their toes into Pilates to get in touch with her.

Already looking forward to next week!

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